Keiko LONG – $28 / MONTH

Keiko Long sends signals for BTC, ETH, BNB, BUSD, USDT on Binance Spot Market.
A full list of traded pairs here –

Subscription is available for $28 / month. Ideally users will have a Pro subscription to be able to use Composite bots, however an Advanced subscription will also work, but requires creating a Simple bot for each traded pair.

The number of signals per day depends on the market volatility, but across the various pairs there are often 100+ trades opening and closing at profit per day. 

Subscribe and view results below –

IMPORTANT: if you subscribe, DO NOT use the settings offered by 3C or CryptoLights.
Register on the Keiko site for correct settings.

Subscribe / Already subscribeD / SETup instructions

You first need to subscribe to the signals: –

Once you have done this, please register to access the members' area. Ensure you select the correct signal from the list.

If you already have an active subscription to Keiko Signals, there is no need to re-register - send a message using the Live Chat (bottom right of the page) - we need your email address and 3C id number (found in 3C settings). Once we have this we will enable access to the members' area containing detailed set-up instructions and bot settings.