Keiko FUTURES Signals on 3Commas

Binance Futures allow traders to use leverage and to open long and short positions using USDT.
If you are unfamiliar with what Futures are and the impact of leverage on your trading account, we recommend you DO NOT use Keiko Futures Signals. You can learn about Futures and Leverage at Keiko Academy free online course.

Many people are familiar with Keiko Alert which is a paid Long signal service, there is also Keiko Free, which is a version Keiko Alert, but the number of signals is greatly reduced. There is also Keiko Short, a paid signals service for shorts.

Keiko Futures are not the same as other signals you may have subscribed to from Keiko and you should have a thorough understanding of trading and leverage before subscribing. Whilst all trading carries risk, with Binance Futures there is the added risk of getting liquidated. Liquidation happens when your Margin Balance falls below the required Maintenance Margin. The Margin Balance is the balance of your Binance Futures account, including your unrealized Profit and Loss). If your account is liquidated you effectively lose your USDT.

When you’re trading with leverage, the liquidation price is something you’ll need to keep a close eye on. The higher the leverage you use, the closer the liquidation price is to your entry.

Here is an example:
You start with $50. You enter a leveraged long position in the BTC/USDT market with 10x leverage, meaning your position size will be $500. So, this $500 consists of your $50 plus $450 that you borrow.

What happens if the price of Bitcoin goes down 10%?
The position is now worth $450. If the position incurred further losses, those would apply to the borrowed funds. The lender of those funds won’t risk a loss on your behalf, so they liquidate your position to protect their capital. This means that the position is closed, and you’ve lost your initial capital of $50.
Forced liquidation typically incurs an additional liquidation fee. 

Binance now offer Cross and Isolated leverage - you should study the difference before trading Binance Futures, however if you are a user, you only have the option of Cross leverage.
If you do use our signals, trade the smallest size at low leverage and understand where your liquidation point will be. We ourselves do not use a SL, but we do trade small and monitor trades.



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30th May 2020

The image below is an example of 24-hours of trading on 30th May 2020.
Signals are LONG only, this may change in the future. Trades are of a smaller Take Profit than we usually look for on Keiko Alert, and on this particular day 100 signals were sent, all closing in profit within 24hrs.

As a comparison:
Keiko Alert - 310
Keiko Futures - 100
Keiko Short - 53
Keiko Free  - 9