Keiko FREEMIUM – $12 / Month (on sale $9)

Keiko Freemium is an 'upgraded' version of Keiko Free and a 'downgraded' version of Keiko Long.

Keiko Free – a random signal picker will send between 0 and 20 signals over a rolling 7 day period from Keiko Long, 
Keiko Freemium – will send as many signals as available for all the Keiko Long BTC pairs ($12 / month).
Keiko Long – in addition to having signals for BTC, also signals for BNB, BUSD, ETH, USDT ) ($28 / month).

The BTC signals from Keiko Long and Keiko Freemium are the same and whilst it depends a lot on the market, there can be as many as 50+ signals per day on BTC Pairs.

IMPORTANT: if you subscribe, DO NOT use the settings offered by 3C or CryptoLights.
Register on the Keiko site for correct settings.

For a list of traded pairs for each of our signals visit –

Subscribe / Already subscribeD / SETup instructions

You first need to subscribe to the signals:

Once you have done this, please register to access the members' area.
If you already have an active subscription to Keiko Signals, there is no need to re-register - send a message using the Live Chat (bottom right of the page) - we need your email address and 3C id number (found in 3C settings). Once we have this we will enable access to the members' area containing detailed set-up instructions and bot settings.