Keiko Community

The Keiko Community is a place where traders can ask trading related questions, exchange ideas, help others and receive help. It is organised into two sections:
Topics: Open for anyone to view and ask questions
Channels: Restricted areas for those with active signal subscriptions.


How to sign up

Register using the following link:

  • Email: enter your email
  • Password: make it secure
  • Full Name: This will be visible to the community, so you may want to choose something anonymous.
  • Agree to terms and you will be taken to the community,
    where you will need to click the verify email link.


There are a number of existing Topics where community members can ask questions, initiate discussion and answer other member questions.

Whilst Keiko Admins will have involvement, we hope that this will primarily be community driven. There are well over 1000 active subscribers to Keiko Signals, so we hope that a great deal of participation and information can be shared for the benefit of all.



Channels are restricted to those with active signal subscriptions.
There is a channel for each Keiko signal group, therefore if you are a subscriber to Keiko Futures and Keiko Short, you can request to be in two groups.


In order to gain access to a channel, you will need to make a Channel Request, this can be done from the channel page within the community, once you have signed up to the community.

You should expect a 48-72 hour delay from requesting to join, to getting admission, we will of course activate quicker if we can.

Having a subscription to a signals service is not automatic right to be a part of the community or channels. Anyone found to be in breach of the community rules (spamming, selling, abusive posts, etc) will be banned.