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Are you tired of missing trades and losing money? Or perhaps you are not fully proficient at trading, or simply don't want to spend all your time looking at charts. The solution is to automate your crypto trading using Keiko Signals and 3Commas.

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Trades closed in February for our bot running 'basic' settings:


13% monthly return

Keiko offer a number of settings, with some bots having take profit of 10%+, but the underlying basic bot settings also return amazing results. All trades were live (real money), using a small account of 0.13 BTC.

The bot returned a profit of 0.01692507 BTC, approx 13% return in 29 days.

1940 trades were open for a total of 14508 hours.
This means the average trade opened and closed in profit within 7.5 hours.

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68% return in 3 months

The above is just one bot we run, want to see some different results, take a look at this experiment we set up three months ago.

Growing a $300 account / accumulate Bitcoin